Working with UVs in Cinema 4D and 3D Coat

I recently switched from Bodypaint to 3D Coat for preparing the UVs of my models. In this tutorial I demonstrate how I used Applink to export a model directly from Cinema 4D to 3D Coat plus some techniques for how I approached an unwrap in 3D Coat and reimported it into Cinema 4D.

  1. andre fry

    Fantastic breakdown. I’ve been learning UVs in 3Dcoat over the last few weeks. It really is awesome. You have done a great job with this video, covering lots of info that took me ages to find via many vids online.
    Just wondering if turning on Symmetry would have sped up the work flow on this model ?


    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Andre. I did consider using Symmetry but this is mostly radial symmetry… can 3D coat do that?

      • andre fry

        I don’t know if it does radial yet ? But I’m curious if symmetry would have helped at some stage to speed up the UV process in 3D Coat ? I’m still learning so maybe wrong here ?
        It’s funny to say but I’m finding 3D Coat makes UVing fun. Never thought I’d say that about UV’s.

  2. Matt Rittman

    Hey just curious, does the Amateur version of 3D coat offer all the same features as the Professional version for just the UV tools?

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