Working With Texture Tags

Learn techniques and workarounds for toggling Cinema 4D texture tags on and off. Thanks to Tim Clapham @helloluxx,  Alan Demafiles @demafleez, Paul Roberts @nohypehere, Josef Sharah (@JosefBsharah) and Ryan Summers @Oddernod.

Update: Apparently you don’t need to delete the selection in order to temporarily disable it, just type in anything after the selection name. Davor comments that using $ symbol is a good idea.

  1. Davor

    Good set of little tips, but from the looks of it the “Selection” is the way to go. You don’t need to use specifically the number 0 to get the effect. Putting in any character will get the same result, so if you already have a selection tag in the texture, just simply add an addition character like a “$” at the end so you know that’s all you need to delete to get it back to right state.

    • John Dickinson

      Good to know Davor, thanks.

  2. Mark

    David Farmer (darf) wrote the Jenna plugins years ago and it had a toggle for textures, which was wonderful. Exactly what you are discribing. You could easily turn a texture tag on or off without the need to alter the actual texture. It was probably 5 versions of C4D ago and the Jenna plugs stopped working after an update or two. And Mr. Farmer has gone dark on anything related to the Jenna plugins.

    So it IS very possible and probably a simple plugin, but I don’t program so someone who can program will have to tackle this.

  3. Russell Cory

    A quick trick that works for me:
    In the Tag tab of the texture change the Side dropdown to Back. Then the texture is only displayed on the backside inverse normals.

    Which in 99.9% of situations works perfectly. It’s also a great technique for checking all the normals on a model visually. Put a bright red texture on there and tell it to only be on the back. Any errant normals are immediately apparent.

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