Welding Objects and Materials

In this exclusive tutorial, Merk Vilson (@merkvilson) demonstrates a welding effect with different objects and materials that can be used for procedural modeling techniques. The basic actions are demonstrated on a simple cube, then applied to more complex geometry by utilizing the falloff shapes of the deformers. Learn how to bypass the limitations of the boolean generator in order to work with any number of objects in its hierarchy. Finally, learn a material blending technique using the Proximal Shader.

For more useful Cinema 4D tips and tutorials be sure to check out Merk’s Patreon page.

  1. ManuDin

    Happy to see Merk’s tutorial at motionworks. Very useful 🙂

  2. Tktnri

    wow, every and each featured technique in this tutorial was new to me and quite a revelation! Thank you, thank you, thank you, super useful for easier modeling!

  3. Hong Ky

    Great, far more great than boring daily welding stuff. Keep the work up !

  4. Ciforeng

    I thought you are not doing tutorials anymore. I’m happy to see you on patreon. Hope this will help you make more free tutorials for your youtube subscribers. Also, I would like to see more exclusive tutorials like this.

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