Warm Bodies

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In this walkthrough tutorial I demonstrate how Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D were used along with GenArts Sapphire, Boris Continuum and Magic Bullet Mojo to create a promo for the film Warm Bodies.

  1. Dan Hollister

    Nice breakdown, John! Thanks for sharing.

  2. illd

    Thanks for sharing john – nice workflow and design. One Question, I didn´t see any Effect/Texture in the diffuse channel of the C4D nerve-Material. Wouldn´t it help to use some noise in the diffuse channel?

  3. Valentino Szemere

    Nice workflow. As an alternative, you can drop splines inside a Metaball obj. You get a similar effect (I have a picture but I don’t know where to upload it). By adding a Metaball Tag to the Splines, you can change the branches’ thickness and the size of the Cell. With the added advantage that you can always modify the shape of the branches (you can even use Helix splines. etc.), by changing the splines’ points.

  4. iqanimations

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