W Trip

For this shot my client wanted to place a logo in the path of the actor and have it appear as if she trips over it. The shot was tracked using SynthEyes with the 3D tracking data then transfered to Maya where the logo was positioned and rendered into the scene. These steps were completed by my co-worker Michael Tiong. I then rotoscoped the original shot over the prepared shot in the areas where the actor needed to appear in front of the logo. ReelSmart Motion Blur was also used to add some blur to the logo as it moved and also to the roto layer to better integrate the actor as she passes in front of the logo.  The result is pretty convincing, considering this was only a small part of a bigger job which had a 3 day deadline.

  1. Ben Hood

    Great job John!

    Love the logo animation and the roto work is great!

    I’ve got one fxphd course left to sign up for and Im considering the SynthEyes one as it would come in handy for things just like this!

  2. Kingsley

    It looks very convincing. I like how it pops up perfectly again, but I almost would like to see it teeter a bit before settling. The compositing is seamless.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jonathan Clegg

    This is really cool guys. well done

  4. F1r3

    Wow the result looks really nice.
    And John, if Foxtel had a Boujou license, would you use that program instead?

  5. Josh Johnson

    Looks great John and crew. Nice to see you guys using SynthEyes right away!

  6. illd

    Nice work JD, looks convincing to me! Could you use Syntheyes for the roto job? I heard it should somehow be possible with it…

  7. guilherme lima

    Very Nice !!!

  8. Glenn Wilson

    Great work. Looks like it might have been a tricky track too with all the moving objects in the scene (leaves etc). How did that go?

  9. John Dickinson

    The scene was tracked in SynthEyes using the Automatic setting.

  10. Brad

    Very nice job, thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. f0ru0l0rd

    weeble logos wobble but they don’t fall down. lol.

  12. benjamin Ringoir

    Nice work. i love it.

  13. Fabio Ferreira

    Muito bom!

  14. Mn8 Multimedia

    Nice work John! Thanks for sharing. I love the movement on the 3d logo too.

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