Vietnam War Month

For this promo for Vietnam War Month on the History Channel, I wanted the look to be gritty but still maintain a sense of dignity as well as respect for the subject matter. I created the logo in Photoshop using various brushes. The logo text doubles as a matte for some war footage, slowed down 50% using the After Effects Timewarp effect. The overall animationĀ is a simple camera move, with a combination of 3D lights and animated Levels revealing the honor wall only towards the end of the move, adding drama.

  1. Scott Wetherall

    Is there any chance you’ll be doing a tutorial on how you did this, just for us AE beginners.

  2. derek

    Just downloaded your first tutorial and bought the second one. I second Scott’s request. Maybe you could make one of your future on-line paid training tutorials on how you did this?

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