Sean Safreed

Red Giant Software offers some of the most popular plug-ins on the planet including Magic Bullet Looks and the various Trapcode plug-ins such as Shine and Particular. In this 10 minute chat with Sean Safreed, co-founder of Red Giant Software,  I discuss Trapcode Particular 2.0, RGTV, and Magic Bullet Mojo.

  1. Felipe Valladares

    Hi John! I have about a year reading your site, congratulations! and thank you for all. I write now because I’m kindly disappointed about the lack of support for 64bit systems on most popular red giant plug-ins. Particular 2 haven’t support for 64 bits!!!! I want to know something about this since there’s no more information about that, they have plans to do it? how many time we need wait? what about use the actual plug-ins on 64 bit systems, they work? Thank you for this interview anyway. Regards from Venezuela

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Felipe, I’ve forwarded your inquiry to Sean.

    • naim

      hi, i use red giant on a 64bit vista pc. all works perfectly… i think 😉

  2. William

    John, what a wonderful idea and interview. Would you consider distributing Unplugged and The Business of Design as podcasts? Available on iTunes etc? I think that would be keen.

  3. Jonathan

    Really enjoyed that. New “looks” type plugin on the way.. cool.

  4. Sébastien

    Well, the lack of 64bit support is just because After Effects, their host support, isn’t 64bit. As long as the support application (like photoshop CS4 on Windows for exemple) isn’t 64bit, plugin developers won’t be able to develop them in 64bit.

  5. Jonathan

    Hey Felipe, I have a 64bit OS and particular works fine.

  6. John Kerr

    To clairfy 64bit support, and trust me, I know its confusing.

    There are only 2 current native 64bit OS’s (I should note there may be some small market OS’s, but I am focusing on the 99%) Leopard and Windows Vista 64. As well, the only native 64bit host application I know of is Sony Vegas 9.1.

    What this means is, whether you have a 64bit OS or not, your host application (expect Sony Vegas 9.1) is running emulated in a 32bit environment. There is a bin of folders in this emulator that the host and our plugins install to. Now in some cases (we know of them and are fixing them) there are some installation issues (only on Windows that we know of) that cause registration/serialization problems.

    This has nothing to do with 64bit support (again except for Vegas 9.1) as your host application is not running as a 64bit app, it is almost always an issue caused by the installation in the emulated 32bit environment.

    We do know that the next generation of host applications will certainly take advantage of the 64bit OS environment and re-engineer their applications to be native 64bit. As with all things computer/software there must be an alignment of OS-Host Application-Hardware-Driver Support. If any of you remember in the not so distant past 2 major changes were very slow to evolve and be stable: Vista and Apple’s switch from the PPC to Intel based processors.

    I hope this sheds some light on this
    John Kerr
    Red Giant Software

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks for clarifying this John.

  7. Paul Liptrott

    This may not be a comment that will be popular. I think the way after effects renders these products is going to be it’s future and existence in the industry in the years to come. It’s almost that way for me now as somebody who still in the learning years of after effects

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