Peter McAuley

Peter McAuley has been involved in the development of state-of-the-art graphics technology for print, video and film since the mid-1990s. Since 1999, he’s been a part of the Boris FX team, managing Boris Continuum Complete and other Boris FX product lines. In this episode of Unplugged we discuss Peter’s background, his role at Boris FX and learn more about Boris FX products with a focus on Continuum Complete and how it compares to other popular After Effects plug-in sets.

  1. Eran Stern

    Great talk John and Peter. Thanks for reminding me. A new tutorial for BorisFX is coming soon on my end as well, stay tuned…

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Eran!

  2. Peter McAuley

    Very nice of you to say … I’m glad you enjoyed our chat Eran and thanks for listening.

    Looking forward (as always) to viewing more of your very interesting tutorials.



  3. JimH

    Excellent interview. As a Sony Vegas user I’m still waiting on CC V8 but having owned V7 for only a few months I can relate to the attic full of plug-ins reference. Bring on the tutorials, I watch them all.

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