Paul Babb

Paul Babb is the popular and charismatic CEO of Maxon USA. In this Cinema 4D-focussed episode of Unplugged we talk about Paul’s early days, including a time in film and on the stage; then dive head-first into Cinema 4D and MoGraph and what makes it just the hottest 3D software out there.

  1. Mark Lee

    fantastic interview again John. Be great to see an interview with the guys from AixSponza who did the no No Keyframes video to promote Version 11.5 of C4D…

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks for the suggestion Mark.

  2. Warti

    Great interview…
    but i have soo much unanswered questions.
    Where did Maxon go in the features ? New features etc. ?
    Is Maxon the same like Maxon manufacturer for the old grafic cards ?

    Cinema4D is my choice for beiing creativity !

  3. Michael Wentworth-Bell

    Awesome interview! Have indeed been hearing a whole lot more about Cinema 4D over the last 12 months. It still isn’t taught at my Uni (Swinburne), but it was awesome to hear about the ‘cineversity.’ Time to look into this software, sounding pretty great!

  4. James Wicks

    Where did you get your ‘Believe’ t-shirt?

    • John Dickinson

      Ha! Last NAB, Zax and I went into Tito Ortiz’s shop inside Hooters! Gonna go this year too! cheers, John.

  5. Steve G

    That great to see this interview of Maxon’s USA face. Great to hear about the company where it started in the old days to how far they have come today. It is fantastic to see how well it integrates with After Effects and how powerful the two are combined together. I am hearing great things from others around the web about the easy integration. Keep up the great work John!

  6. Jim Hines

    Good stuff – haven’t had a chance to check in lately – you growing your hair out John? Lookin’ good.

    I’m pretty much stuck with Blender until a big payday comes my way – but I’ve watched some tuts using Maxon and I’m envious of the relative simplicity –

    Continue Rocking!

  7. Mars

    WOW! Riveting stuff John.
    It was almost a moment of bliss…I could see the expression on your face…you just had so many questions to ask and so little time to do it, even though it went for 32 min…in other words it just seemed an absolute seamless interview…I really thought that at one stage you were going to ask Paul about a possible merger with Adobe?

    Personally adobe has been searching for this total integration solution for donkeys years…but it still has shied away from a professional 3d package until now…

    Possible name could be Adobe Cinema 5D.


  8. tiffer

    Hi John i cant seem to get it to play all the other unplugged ones
    are working fine its just this one any ideas ?…………..

  9. Dan


    Great, revealing interview. Really looking forward to the Pierre Magnol walkthrough – it will be fascinating to hear gkaster’s process and find out how he comes up with such spellbinding stuff.

  10. Thomas

    Hated C4D for YEARS!

    Nowadays they give me more and more of a feeling that they’ve spent a lot of time just listening to C4D users before even touching a single line of code for changes.

    Ok, one thing: cineversity needs a cleanup to become as sweet and yousable as the C4D GUI 😀


    Thank you so much for listening!!

  11. Graphiste Shane

    I am a French designer, I come regularly to your blog
    thank you for this article.

    Here also a link to the video of my communications agency:

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks for the link.

  12. Brian Maffitt

    I really enjoyed the interview, and not just because you kept mentioning me! 😉

    Seriously, I had no idea that Paul and I had such similar backgrounds. I’m a big fan of C4D and recommend it strongly to anyone who asks.


    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Brian!

  13. Dr. Sassi

    I loved to watch it, very nice interview. Thank you.

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Sassi, great to have you here on Motionworks. Best wishes, John.

  14. Brett Morris

    Right on guys, Cinema 4d is a great product, I love using it everyday, Ill be looking out for the big man at NAB this year for sure!


  15. Veli

    Great interview, thank you very much! I now realize that i need to get into 3d world immediately. C4D looks like a great tool for Motion Graph designers, and there seems to be many sources to learn it. I’m just trying to decide between C4D and Maya. I see that C4D is used in a number of commercials, TV logos, etc. I really wonder what Maya can do that C4D cant.

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