Jerzy Drozda Jr

Jerzy Drozda Jr, the quirky host of, is a talented motion graphics and visual effects artist based in Warsaw, Poland. In this extended chat, Jerzy reveals how he discovered the wonders of computer programming at a very early age, his transition to Adobe After Effects mastery and the challenges of working with Polish clients and his troubleshooting-style approach to projects.

  1. Robin Dickinson

    Excellent interview, John.

    Even as a non-motionographer, it was fascinating to hear George talk about Poland and the early days of his career. Nice demo of his techniques. He’s an inspiration.

    Best, Robin

    DISCLAIMER: I’m John’s brother and am continually learning from him.

  2. eric hinson

    Great job John!

    Maltaannon is very interesting and quite inspiring. Always love to see new things coming from him.

  3. Troy Church

    Well done! I met Jerzy in Vegas at NAB 2009 but we didn’t get enough time to talk. I loved hearing about his Atari beginnings. Made me want to get him a copy of this book (
    Anyway – I really enjoyed the conversation. Thanks to both of you.

  4. markus

    Thanks for this nice interview.
    Now I can add a real person to all this great tutorials.
    And please keep them coming.

  5. James Wicks

    Take one of my favorite After Effects artists.
    Command D on a mac, control D on windows.
    Now you’ve got 2 of my favorite After Effects artists in one comp.


  6. Frank Busch

    thank you guys for this videointerview… great fun to watch.

    greatings from berlin

  7. Tom Hauville

    I have to agree that maltaannon’s CE Lightwrap is just awesome… I actually found the results to be better (and closer to what one would expect to see) than an industry leading plugin!

    great chat, too… it’s clear that you guys are mates 🙂

  8. William

    I enjoyed this interview. I have a lot of Polish blood in me, but grandma never passed on her heritage, though she would speak Polish around us little kids all the time.

    She didn’t teach me After Effects either, come to think of it.

  9. John Dickinson

    Thanks for all the great comments so far everyone! JD

  10. Storm

    Brilliant interview, cheers John and Jerzy (where J is a Y so you could call him Yerzy, although George is cool 🙂 ). Good job JD Jr.

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Storm, I’m still using different names for him each day!

  11. Rob Mize


    Thanks so much for the chance to know Jerzy a bit better. I’m always astonished at his artistry and technical expertise. He is a true inspiration with what he is able to accomplish.
    As an editor and AE user, Jerzy certainly sets the bar quite high.

    Thanks again…

    Rob mize

  12. Storm

    Also, kudos to Jerzy for his excellent English. I know it’s taught in Poland, but I worked with alot of Polish in the UK for a few years at a tv station (Wizja) and their English, although excellent, was still only 50% of Jerzy’s. I think it’s because Malty (another one for you JD) doesn’t let much of his Polish accent in there… he actually sounds more American than Polish so must watch alot of US tv.
    Na zdrowie

  13. tendest

    nice one~
    both of u are great guys~

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks tendest, that’s very kind of you. Best, John.

  14. Hafeez

    Awesome. Maltaannon is such down to earth and you got the best of him. Do we get to see your interview sometime?

    • John Dickinson

      Hey Hafeez, thanks for that compliment, I really enjoy connecting with people in these chats. It seems a lot of people want to hear my story! All the best, John.

  15. valoos

    Atari was very inspirating computer… not too much games available for this platform (campare to commodore 64) pushed to start programming

  16. James

    Gosh, every time I see you interview one of these guys I am astonished at how humble and kind they are. All of these genius level people with people skills. In my experience I have never seen so many high level intelligent people without the “fabulous” gene.
    You just couldn’t sit through 15 minutes listening to someone in the fashion industry, without getting hit several times with how fabulous they think they are, and the idea of putting two of them in a room would be dangerous. I just love AE more and more every day. I only wish I had known about it before last year. I feel so far behind. It’s cool that Maltaannon is only 4 years in it. That gives me some hope. But what is the equivalent of 4 Maltaannon years to real humans?

    • John Dickinson

      Hi James, doesn’t sound like I’ll be getting into the fashion industry any time soon. The motion graphics community and in particular, the After Effects community has a lot of mutual respect and admiration. We all love what we do and love to share. I’ll let you in on a secret about Maltaannon, he’s a computer program! Best John.

      • James

        Hi John,
        At 20 I thought the high fashion glamor gig was the pinnacle of WOW! At 50 I know it’s hyperbole, full of insecure copycats, looking to make a name for themselves by plagiarizing the success of people, now gone.It saddens me that this generation has not found a voice to call their own. How many times have the 80’s been rehashed and pushed back out, only to find the public isn’t buying it. When I see you guys doing these tutorials and commenting on how many people would just copy your work and put it on a promo reel of their own, I guess it’s not to far from that.But the AE program is blowing me away, as is the community of creatives supporting it.It’s an amazing feeling to find a new passion at 50.I am reinventing myself again with the help of you your friends and Adobe. And when I feel like OFMG, *%#*@#^!!!, It helps to know that People like Chris and Trish didn’t just open the box yesterday, or that people like Maltaannon, were able to get great material in just 4 years. In both cases I know it was work and commitment to “seeing”(If you can’t see where something doesn’t work, you won’t fix it). I got me a heartful of hope and a headful of ideas. It’s just a great time to be a creative!
        Thank you again for your generosity and kindness.

        • John Dickinson

          Hi James, thanks for your inspiring comment. I’m hearing of more and more people switching careers for motion graphics. It’s not surprising at all to me, I switched from hairdressing! Keep on trucking! Best, JD

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