Universe 1.4

Red Giant has released Universe 1.4 with a host of new features, new premium effects including Knoll Light Transition, Picture In Picture, Texturize and ToonIt Thermal and free effects including Magnetic Displace, Soft Edge Wipe, Elliptical Distortion, Compare Frames. Universe also now includes support for FXHome HitFilm 3 Pro.

Uni1.4_EllipticalDistortion_v05_03_AB_cmp Uni1.4_CompareFrames_Hero-cmp UNI1.4_MagneticDisplace_v01_03_9up-cmpUni1.4_PictureInPicture_v02_04_AB_cmp Uni1.4_ToonIt_Thermal_v03_01_AB UNI1.4_softwipe_9up-cmp Uni1.4_KnollLightTrans_v03_01_9up_cmp

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