Formatting text for dynamically generated numbers in After Effects just got a whole lot easier! In Episode 5 of QubaHQ’s terrific After Effects tutorial series, Quba introduces the uberNumber() function he designed as part of an all-in-one number formatting tool. Visit QubaHQ to download the files.

  1. Quba Michalski

    Thanks, John!

  2. David

    Great! This will give real control formatting numbers. I’d like to share another solution that I developed to deal with after effects dynamic numbers. Is an expression based text preset to generate counters in various format – timecode, time, frames, custom (with a slider), time between two markers – with some options – layer or comp related time, prefix, suffix, decimals and countdown.

    Sure you’ll forgive the (saturday night) spam, but I cannot resist to share my solution. You can find it here: http://www.davidbenedetti.it/after-effects-number-generator-expression-based-text-preset/

    Hope somebody will find it useful.

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