Turnip Head

I’m a big fan of Studio Ghibli and thought it might be fun for my next modelling project to recreate the Turnip Head character from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Initially I considered using Cloth and started out modeling a basic shape to dress onto with cloth.

I got mixed results because cloth is not easy to control so instead decided to model the clothes.

Tests with the Jiggle Deformer gave me promising results, even without using Cloth. Thanks to EJ from Eyedesyn.com for the tutorial.

Some of the techniques I used for creating the collar and lapel. Holding down the Shift key while extruding in Cinema 4D allows you to change the direction of the extrusion on the fly.

Using a duplicate of the initial shape (shown in the Jiggle test above) I split off a section at the front to act as the shirt.

The waist coat was created by duplicating the shirt and using the Normal Move command to position the polygons in front of the shirt.

The bow tie was box modelled using a cube as the starting point. The sticks are modified cylinders.

The head started as a sphere.

The gloves were box modelled and adjusted by pushing and pulling points and edges in soft selection mode.  I modelled one glove, duplicated it and tweaked the duplicate to ensure they weren’t identical.

The hat and pipe were based on Cylinder objects.


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