Trapcode Tao

Peder Norrby, the genius behind ubiquitous Trapcode plug-ins such as Particular and Shine is neck deep in coding again, this time with the stunning Tao effect. Readers who follow Peder on Twitter will have seen his teaser images over the past few months.

Tao means ‘path’ or ‘way’ in Chinese and was the inspiration for the effect which is all about paths in space. We can’t give you any more specifics yet and exactly how the paths are made is not fully clear, but users will be able to generate paths inside the plug-in and there will be some way of defining your own custom paths.

We’re excited to see more as the plug-in develops. For updates be sure to follow Peder (@rymden) on Twitter.

Tao10 Tao8 Tao7 Tao5 Tao6 Tao3 Tao4
Tao1 Tao2

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