Red Silk

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A simple red silk-style banner created in Adobe After Effects using Trapcode Form. Also includes a logo displaced by the Form layer using the Displacement Map effect.

  1. Jim Hines

    First New Years resolution – get these freaking Trapcode plugins – lol

  2. Leo

    Very nice, thank you, JD!

    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome Leo.

  3. illd

    Smooth as silk ;). Thanks man!

    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome illd.

  4. Chip

    Really slick use of form. Thanks for the project file.

    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome Chip.

  5. Navarro Parker

    Elegant and hypnotic.

  6. Tim visterin

    Dear John,

    First of all, may I wish you a happy New Year and good health for you and your family.
    Hope it will be an exciting year for you and the beautiful website you manage.

    Hence my question (actually 2).
    1. Is it possible to down convert this project from CS4 to CS3 as I am working in CS3? I think a lot of us out there are still working on a CS3.
    2.I was at a brink of upgrading my creative suite prod prem.
    but now I am doubting because someone told me Adobe is to release CS5 soon (april).
    I am not sure wether this is correct information on his part.
    I thought to check it out because otherwise it would be a waste of good money.

    If time lets you down please forget this comment.

    Thanks a million,


    • John Dickinson

      Hi Tim, happy new year to you too. No way to down convert sorry. Adobe has been making noises, showing sneak previews etc. so you can read into that what you wish. Best wishes, John.

  7. Hussin Khan

    Hey JD,

    I have been seeing loads of effects using particular and form on Sky (cable channel here in UK). Truly organic. Thank you for the sample project file. I encourage fellow After Effect user to experiment with both plugins to come up with brilliant motion graphics.

    Thanks again JD!!

    Hussin – UK

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