Top After Effects Feature Requests

The onset of Creative Cloud has brought with it more open discussion by the After Effects team with users about potential new features, and this has never been more evident than in the recently posted list of top After Effects feature requests. Rather than wondering what might be in the next release of After Effects, we now have the opportunity to directly influence those things that are on Adobe’s radar for inclusion in After Effects Future.

I’ve been requesting a Colour Swatch panel forever so it’s great to see that on the list. I’ve already given detailed information on how I see that working in After Effects, and I recommend using the links provided in the post to give specific feedback about how you see that and other potential features working best for you. The more vocal you are, the more likely we’ll see these features included in our favourite motion graphics and vfx software.

  1. Eduardo Iglesias

    Color Swatch panel is already available in AE via scripting. You can find it at, it is called colorLibrary (

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Eduardo,
      I’m aware of the script. I’m looking for a native solution that goes further, similar to how Illustrator manages swatches.
      Best, John.

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