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Brazil based Antonio Vicentini created this quirky animation of a bus going on a psychedelic trip, using Adobe After Effects and Flash. I asked Antonio if he could share insight into his approach to the project, here’s his response:

“The trip video was made in my spare time between beers and late skate night sessions. All of the ideas were produced without any storyboard, just a few terrible drawings on one piece of paper.


I used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash. 90% of the film was created in After Effects, the illustrations were made using shape layers with the Pen tool and basic shapes like ellipses, rounded rectangles and polystars, with a beautiful rounded stroke.

I took advantage of the amazing Duik plugin to help me with rigging the little bus. I used a lot of the spring animation the plugin offers. Duik is awesome.

Another script I used it was AeScripts’ Create 3DShapes. It helped me to create those beautiful platonic objects (icosahedron, octahedron, etc). And that’s when I also used Adobe Flash. The stroke layer style doesn’t seem to work properly with 3D layers in After Effects, especially on those complex objects 3DShapes creates. I exported a PNG sequence of the objects spinning from After Effects and then redrew the entire sequence with the same stroke style in Flash, and then imported the new png sequence (with just the stroke) back into After Effects. Not an ideal workflow but it gave me the look I wanted.

I also used Flash to create the frame-by-frame wings animation and the 360 bus rotation sequence. Besides that, the animation is just a tonne of keyframes and horribly organized nested comps!”

Antonio has graciously provided the bus project file for us to see how it was built. Click the Download Files button to grab it but remember it’s only for educational purposes! You can check out more of Antonio’s work here.


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