The Illusion Of Life

This masterfully animated spot by Cento Lodigiani illustrates the 12 basic principles of animation, originally developed by Walt Disney studios in the 1930s. It’s a useful reference and a good reminder of what it takes to make great looking animation. I asked Cento how he created the animation and his answer was quite surprising. I was expecting a list of scripts and plugins but that wasn’t the case, here’s his response:

“It’s just after effects standard with no plugins. I built a cube with 3D layers in 3D space in After Effects. Then I animated that cube in its rotation, scale and position values, and applied bending effects such as CC Bend It and CC Bender to create the distortions. I end up cell animating some parts of the animation, drawing it frame by frame for certain transitions but that’s it.”

A good reminder of what you can achieve in After Effects with the standard tools and some imagination!


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