TF1 Bumpers – 2015

Paris-based Naked created this fantastic package of bumpers. I asked Creative Director Patrick Delobelle to share some insight:
“The main idea for this broadcast campaign was to come up with original and captivating eight-second bumpers that would surprise the viewers. Two versions of each bumper were created: one to lead in the commercial block, and another to lead out of it and come back to the TV program. On French television, it is compulsory to have clear visuals leading in and out of commercial blocks.

New details can be noticed by the viewers each time.

In order to stand out amongst other broadcast campaigns, we used high quality graphic and motion design as the keys to create fresh and entertaining bumpers. The vibrant imaginative worlds depicted had to be be quickly identified by the viewers. The very precise graphics of the bumpers makes them all the more exciting to watch, as new details can be noticed by the viewers each time.

We used Maya, Cinema 4D and After Effects, but above all, we used a lot of grey matter and drunk many coffees!”


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