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This After Effects project uses a simple index expression to offset the text layers and nulls to control the distribution using Expression Control sliders. This allows them to be freely distributed with one null while setting keyframes for Y-Position and Rotation with another. 

  1. Abe

    Thank you for being so generous, I cant wait for the fox classics e-seminar. You rock like A.K., you guys open my eyes to AE like no one else. The Zax tuts are prime also!

  2. hari

    Thank you

  3. Chris

    i love when you share your work !
    that allows us to improve quickly. Pity that it doesn’t work on a french AE version 🙁 it seems there is a problem with expression.
    I had the same problem when i bought “making it look great” dvd.

  4. Dan Varga

    Thank you very much!
    God bless you John!

  5. wesamnet

    I love this job

    Thank you very much john

  6. Ana Munzinger

    This is a great project. I really appreciate you uploading it. How could I add other comps as layers so that each line of text was different?

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Ana, put each word into a separate precomp and switch out the duplicate text comps with each individual one. Best wishes, John.

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