Supply & Demand

Cyril Izarn and Pat Grivet created this terrific spot explaining the concept of supply & demand to students of Phoenix University. I asked Cyril to tell us a little more about the process:

“For this project I worked with Patricia, who made the character design. Together we made the storyboard, design and animation. The first reference was the universe of Wes Anderson movies with vintage, colorful looks and front axes. We decided to build real objects, there is no 3D, only the bills particles. So, we went to a secondhand market to find old stuff and we built some pieces (wood house, letters)”.

“We painted all the elements in grey then added colours in Adobe Photoshop. Finally, it was easy to mix all these assets with flat illustrations. All of the animation was created in Adobe After Effects. The goal was to get a friendly and quite realistic render to support the message – fun, lagged and pedagogic”.

Cyril is considering producing a breakdown of the spot so we’ll keep you posted.


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