Substance Painter to Redshift C4D

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In this short tutorial I demonstrate my current workflow for exporting textures from Substance Painter and importing them into Cinema 4D via Redshift. Click the Download Files link to download an example Cinema 4D project with the Redshift material setup.

Redshift Export Preset


  1. Rich Nosworthy

    Hey Mate,

    I’d argue that speaking in terms of Physical correctness, you wouldn’t use the AO pass. Its a helper pass from substance but has been overused in the past before soft shadowing/Area lights/GI and the like was easier to render. Its the equivalent of a baked domelight texture, but thats not really part of a material/shader setup.

    The exceptions would be

    1. Your rendering either for games or you want to fake the soft shadows. Being you’re using redshift, its fast enough just to render a domelight or soft area shadows.

    2. You want to use the AO pass to add some darkening to either the diffuse or reflection to simulate a gathering of dust/dirt over time or something along those lines. In that case you could just multiply the diffuse texture in substance with the AO map, or if you want to tweak in redshift you could use a colour layer node to mult the AO with the diffuse map before inputing it into the diffuse channel. Then just adjust the mix to taste.

    You could even wire the AO into the overall tint of the rs material too which would do a similar thing.

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks for the explanation Rich!

  2. Rich Nosworthy

    Just to be clear, its fine to use in substance since you use the ao to calculate occlusion thats used for things like dust etc, but for rendering you do that as part of your lighting

  3. Benjamin Eshagpoor

    So then is your workflow…Model in C4D…unwrap and create UVs in 3D Coat…then bring into Substance Painter to texture…then back to C4D to light and render using RedShift?

    • John Dickinson

      Yes, though I also like to render hero shots directly inside Substance Painter using IRay.

  4. S L

    Hi John,
    I don’t know how install this preset (.spexp) in Sub Painter. i didn’t find a way…
    Many thanks for a reply!

    • John Dickinson

      Maybe check out the Allegorithmic forums.

  5. Thomas Donaldson

    Hey, I spoke to you on twitter about this subject and found this to be very useful. After watching a tut from Chad Ashley and he mentions something that was missed in this and thought I’d pass it along. For your Material’s Fresnel Type, change it to Metalness. Anyway thanks and keep up the good work.

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