Stranger Things

I watched the first episode of Netflix Stranger Things last night and was impressed by the opening titles, which pay homage to Stephen King and horror films of the 80s. Created by Imaginary Forces, the typeface is reminiscent of cover imagery used in Stephen King books of that period as well as films such as The Dead Zone and Altered States. Check out this article written by Sarah Gless which goes into detail about the typography, and this article by Art Of The Title which goes into detail about The Dead Zone and related titles.

Update: Art of The Title has released an in-depth interview with Imaginary Forces about the Stranger Things titles.

Peter Quinn has also shared a handy little After Effects preset which echoes the text fade animation used in the titles. Grab it for free on Peter’s site.

Being a big fan of John Carpenter films and soundtracks, I am particularly enjoying the score of the series. I recently discovered a whole genre of music known as Synthwave which echoes the 80s synth styles of artists such as John Carpenter. Check out artists such as TimeCop 1983 and Gunship (which actually features John Carpenter narrating on the track Tech Noir).

  1. Roei

    thank you for this post.
    we recently had a discussion about it in Adobe Ae forums where I tried to offer a breakdown for this title sequence:

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