Starry Sky

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This starry background was created using a combination of Fractal Noise and  Trapcode Particular  and is based on a preset included with Particular.

  1. santosh

    really awesome

  2. TigerMeet2142

    can i use it for my intro? please?

    • John Dickinson

      Sure thing. Remember to give it your own style too 😉 Best wishes, John.

  3. lucas [ tigermeet]

    ill put you in crdeits when i upload the vid soon, [ link will be posted too here]

  4. Miriam Reiter

    Hi John!
    We are currently updating our website in the UK, and would like to use the above image as a background on the welcome site. The website is for the ‘Starlight Center’, and the image captures the flair we try to convey. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Eddiojp

    GREAT, I was trying to create a starfield escene when I got this one. no need to say this is very more sophisticate than the one i pretend to do, Thank You very much, I ´ll give my personal touch when I use it in a project.

    • John Dickinson

      Good to hear you’re going to give it your own unique touch. Best wishes, John.

  6. Matt

    What if I want to make this longer? For example this clip is for 8 seconds, what if I want it to go for 30 seconds while I have text flashing over it? (Sorry if this is newbie question, I’m completely new to After Effects

    • Matt

      Basically what I’m trying to do is make this 30 second clip in which I wanted this to be the background, and for titles flashing on screen I wanted to use this tutorial by Andrew Kramer . How do I do that?

      Sorry if this asking too much..

    • John Dickinson

      Matt you’d need to increase the comp length (Composition Settings), extend the length of the layers in the timeline and adjust the keyframes to taste. You may want to consider doing some basic AE and Particular training… Best wishes, John.

  7. Amrina

    May i use this for my school graphics work?
    I want to use it in the background of my chocolate bar which I’m making, if you don’t mind!

    • John Dickinson

      Sure Amrina.

      • Amrina

        Thank you!!!

  8. Sebastian Fernandez

    Great work John!

    My friend and I were hoping it would be ok if we used this for a school project. We were wondering if there is any tutorial available on how you made it, or if there is a way to make the composition taller. (height-wise, as we wanted to have the camera move downwards over the starry night)

  9. Katharina Allen

    hi, I was looking for great star sky Pictures sinse unfortunatly when ever I try to meke them don`T tern out to great and I was wondering if it would be ok for you if I use it as a part in my project…I would like to use it as part of a design that is for the football club I am in wich is suposed to be printet on a truck… I would most devenatly credit you when I upload the picture online and you would get a link to the Picture then to that you know what has bin done with the Picture…

    best wishes


    • John Dickinson

      Hi Katharina, please send me a link to your final design.
      Best wishes,

      • Katharina Allen

        Hello John,
        thank you very much for you Reply…

        I used the Starry Sky as a component for the peace that would be on the back of the Truck…only change that will happen to that final picture is that in the black aria…the Sponcers still weill be added and a QR code…wich will hold the info of the Football club and spocers…and I also will use it to credit your starry Sky and the Photos I used….

        well enough wrighting…here is a link to the Picture…hope that the use of it like that is ok with you.

        best wishes Kat

  10. John Dickinson


  11. Martin


    I have a question on how to extend the length of the clip. I would like to see how to extend to 2-3 minutes. I see that you use a Hold Keyframe of 50000 then the next frame is 0 and I sort of understand how this works, but I don’t see an easy way to extend for a longer time frame.

    Can you help me understand what I’m missing?



  12. Hanna

    Hi! Was wondering if we could use this in a poster for a school event. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    • John Dickinson

      That’s fine Hanna, thanks for asking.

  13. Chaka Meredith

    John You are truly Amazing!!!!!:-)

  14. sam

    I really appreciate your posting this, along with the AE project. I spend hours trying to find this info and here it is, all spelled out for all to look at. You’ve taught me so much – thank you!!!

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