France-based Collectif HOTU shared this fun spot about what happens when 5 Russian guys find a robot. I asked Jean-Baptiste from Collectif HOTU to tell us more about the spot:

“This is a personal project we began shooting last summer and all of the actors are actual members of HOTU. We designed, modelled, animated and rendered the Robot in 3DS Max VRay and composited the scenes in After Effects in our free time.

With regard to the story, we wanted to make a film with a robot but without the typical science fiction scenario. The idea that a robot who drive cars, meets a group of dumb and basic country guys, hangs out with them, and finally steals their car was far more interesting for us and was inspired by the many Russian car crash compilation on YouTube. We liked the idea of a short movie that begins with an internet meme, to surprise the viewer, and felt that mixing CG and Dashcam in the introduction is a fun way to balance fiction and reality.

We wrote and recorded the original music as well, with the aim of creating a film that shows our technical skills, but with a quirky and fun story.”



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