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Hereโ€™s a simple sparks preset created using Trapcode Particular.

  1. Ryan Williams

    Very nicely done, very effective.

    I was wondering how you decided what letters to use for the sparks? Did you just go in a diagonal line to draw the readers eye from left to right?

  2. JD

    Hi Ryan, Yes, and that left to right gave a nice even spread of sparks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. tielman

    Hey cool work.
    Did you make the background with a texture map? Or are they actualy 3d(the things on the plane)
    Thanks for the sparks project

  4. JD

    The background is a ProAnimator plane primitive with a texture map applied.

  5. DVAnomaly

    I’m working on a version of this, so far I have Textured the plane and added a second short video clip as the “Reflectivity” texture, but.. I’m not sure how JD made his look so grungy and old/ gold looking, so I’m working on that & the text animation and texturing tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will post it when it is satisfactory to publish.

    Thanks JD

  6. DFX-Anomaly

    The post above was from me (VFX-Anomaly)Sorry for any confusion ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love this place!

    Thanks JD

  7. Rhonda Linerman

    Hi John

    just a quick note to tell you how much I
    admire your woork…I noticed you use alot of 3rd party pluggins for AE…I was
    thinking of getting some…I also have Pro Animator…right now Digital Juice is offering Trapcode 3s pack and Particular at 50% off..should I jump on these

  8. DFX-Anomaly

    If you want to create “Stunning” VFX either for Broadcast Media, or clients, Trapcode and Zaxwerks, Are going to satisfy your Creative Juices! I also recommend, DigiEffects & Knoll Light Factory. There are many other 3rd party plug-ins that may be of interest but I recommend starting with those, and get a familiarity with 3rd party plug-ins before you spend to much time on them, and not enough on built in effects from AE, And your own creative Vision using AE, for a perfect example watch

    And you will see JD showing how to use AE CS3 without a 3rd party plug-in.

    Anyway Best of luck in your creativity!


  9. uri

    Hi JD,

    i have to say your training is the best i have seen so far.

    can’t wait for the next DVD


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