Shortcuts To Glory

I was commissioned to design and produce the graphics package for Shortcuts To Glory, a cooking series currently airing on ABC1 in Australia. The main tools used were Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

The shot just before the main title resolve was originally going to include the red arrow following along with Matt as he walks through the kitchen but didn’t make the final cut. The shot was tracked in Cinema 4D, with rotoscoping completed in After Effects using Mocha Pro.

Titles for the Tips segment of the show were created in After Effects using the Mocha Pro plug-in for tracking.

Lower thirds and overlays were created in Illustrator and animated in After Effects, with particles added using Sapphire Bokeh Lights effect.

The transitions were used in the final transmission but had been modified from my original look below.

The hero shots, which didn’t make the final cut, were deep etched in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. The idea was to make the food appear to float over the background. These are just a few examples of the three dozen that were completed.


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