Wait Loss For After Effects

Work smarter and faster in After Effects

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Proficient and Efficient

Discover time-saving features and shortcuts you can immediately integrate into your own workflow.

After Effects Only

Learn to use the native After Effects features more efficiently, without 3rd party scripts.

Work Smart

Work along with the training using the included project file.

Sample Lessons

Lesson Outline

As new versions of After Effects come and go, time-saving features and shortcuts can get buried. This is compounded with every new release and has accelerated since the onset of Creative Cloud. If you don’t keep up to date with what’s new you simply can’t be as efficient as possible using After Effects. Wait Loss for After Effects will bring you up to speed with tools and workflows that host John Dickinson – a 20 year veteran After Effects artist and trainer – uses on a daily basis to work fast in After Effects. Here’s what’s included:

Preferences & Shortcuts

Preferences you should set up once to save time on every project. Creating missing shortcuts. Total duration: 9 minutes


Using workspaces effectively. Setting up a custom workspace. Navigating and saving time using the Edit This Look At That (ETLAT) workflow. Total duration: 13 minutes


Good practices for organisation, importing files, adding & replacing and working with thumbnails.  Total duration: 14 minutes


The importance of good organisation. Fast ways to add, replace and select layers. Power keys for moving and trimming and sequencing layers. Using the Work Area and Time Navigator effectively. Navigating quickly using Comp and Layer Markers. Speeding up property searches. Linking and controlling layers to save time. Minimising layers using Input Layer Options and Effect Masks. Total duration: 67 minutes


Working efficiently in the Composition Panel. Total duration: 11 minutes


Tips and techniques for speeding up your workflow with keyframes and the Graph Editor. Total duration: 25 minutes

Masks & Shapes

Working efficiently when creating and modifying masks and shape layers. Total duration: 13 minutes


Saving time when working with effects and effect presets. Total duration: 16 minutes


Working with type and the Character Panel. Total duration: 7 minutes


Render Queue shortcuts. Using templates and proxies to speed up renders. Total duration: 6 minutes



Trainer & Requirements