Texture Kit Pro for Cinema 4D

Essential Custom Materials for Cinema 4D

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$99 USD

Huge Range

Over 600 custom materials, including natural textures like brick, wood and glass.

Procedural Materials

The growing Procedural Material library is infinitely scaleable and easy to apply.

MoGraph Looks

MoGraph style textures like glows, gloss, patterns, and soft material.

What is Texture Kit Pro?

Over 600 custom Cinema 4D Materials for your next project. Choose from hundreds of unique textures and procedural materials to drag and drop into your next Cinema 4D scene. These materials work in the C4D Physical and Standard renderer. Texture Kit Pro includes materials from four Cinema 4D artists. Beeple, Pariah Rob, Chris Schmidt and Greyscalegorilla.

Texture categories include: Abstract, Brick, Fabric, Food, Hair, Man Made, Metal, Natural Overlays, Plastic, Simple, Transparent, Wood. Texture Kit also comes with “Texture Maker” which makes making simple textures very quick and easy by using sliders and color pickers instead of the default texture options.

Video Training

Includes video training to get you up and started with Texture Kit Pro.

Texture Maker

Includes Texture Maker, making simple textures very quick and easy.

The Artists

Includes materials Beeple, Pariah Rob, Chris Schmidt and Greyscalegorilla.