Squash & Stretch Pro

Squash & Stretch animator for After Effects

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$100 USD

Testimonials & First Steps

Handcrafted Animations – all Squash & Stretch animations are carefully handcrafted by professionals, because there is no way to automate emotion and creativity.

Intelligent Adjustments – Squash & Stretch adjusts the behaviors to each individual layer, to ensure they always look good. You already have other animations applied to a layer? Squash & Stretch can even adjust those to make sure both start and end of a behavior fit into the context seamlessly.

Big Library – Squash & Stretch contains a large collection of behaviors that you can browse conveniently with the build-in gallery. The Pro version can even be extended with additional bundles that can be purchased separately.

Sound – Squash & Stretch behaviors not only move and deform a layer but also come with a variety of built-in sound designs for maximum impact. Just select a sound design and it will be inserted into your composition when you apply the behavior. Of course, you can also use the sounds independently of Squash & Stretch as any normal stock sound effects collection.

Intuitive Parameters – “Can you make it jump higher?”
“Well, let me try to increase the initial force, lower the gravity and then tweak the friction a bit to compensate the increased velocity”.
If this sounds like a nightmare, then Squash & Stretch is for you. Powerful and simple, with parameters that adjust the behaviors the way you want.

No Expressions – Squash & Stretch creates simple keyframes that are also easy to modify. Personalizing animations could not be more simple.

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