Redshift Lighting Essentials for Cinema 4D

Studio Lighting Scenes

$99 USD

Jump Start Your Lighting

Jump start your lighting with 14 completely customizable lighting studios.

Fully Customizable

Every studio has a full Xpresso setup for easy customization!

Free Updates

We will be adding new studio light setups roughly every month with free updates to customers!


What’s Included

  • Scene 01 Clean Studio: Fully customizable clean studio that’s perfect for product visualization.
  • Scene 02 Seamless: Fully customizable clean studio. Light dependent scene with a real, infinite floor!
  • Scene 03 Shooting Room: Fully customizable real studio setup. Perfect for high detail models.
  • Scene 04 Instadaily : Fully customizable real studio setup. Perfect for high detail models.
  • Scene 05 Dramatic: Fully customizable photo realistic lighting for dramatic scenes.
  • Scene 06 Hard Light: Redshift spotlight scene. High contrast and well calibrated lights which are perfect for metals.
  • Scene 07 Backlight: Fully customizable back lit studio.
  • Scene 08 Car Studio: Fully customizable scene designed specifically for vehicles or product renders.
  • Scene 09 Ray Of God: A beautiful foggy scene for easy volumetric illumination.
  • Scene 10 Cinematic: Perfect for title sequences. Realistic and cinematic lighting.
  • Scene 11 Perfect Portrait: A perfectly balanced studio for displaying hero objects.
  • Scene 12 Jewellery Studio: A photorealistic studio perfect for jewelry or display items.
  • Scene 13 Disco Studio: A rad studio for disco parties. You can change colors, animation, flickering etc. very easily.
  • Scene 14 High-Tech Studio: A photorealistic view dependent scene perfect for glossy tech.