HB Modelling Bundle 2.3

Powerful Modelling Scripts For Cinema 4D

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Less Clicks More Fun

Frequent modelling functions are decreased from up to ten clicks to a single click.

New Functionality

Scripts such as HB_EvenDistribution introduce missing, long awaited functionality into Cinema 4D.

Increased Productivity

Watch your productivity increase with each HB Modelling Bundle script you incorporate into your workflow.


What’s Included?

HB Modelling Bundle is a set of over 70 Scripts for Cinema 4D dedicated to 3D-Modelling. The scripts are designed to save you time and improve your workflow by using less clicks and less mouse movement.

  • HB_Move (Move tool with extra settings)
  • HB_ModellingCamera (creates a local work plane on the selected components and an orthogonal Camera)HB_ModelMode (makes some settings and toggles to model mode)
  • HB_LoopSelection (makes loop selections)
  • HB_Lineup (line up selected edges)
  • HB_LoopCut (Knife tool set up to make loop cuts)
  • HB_KnifePath (Knife tool setup to make path cuts)
  • HB_KnifeLine (Knife tool setup to make line cuts)
  • HB_Instancer (make instances selected objects while the last selected is referenced)
  • HB_GuidesColor (change the colour of all guide objects)
  • HB_GroupSymmetry (make current selected objects symmetrical in local or global space)
  • HB_Group (group each selected object under a null)
  • HB_FastViewport (speedup the viewport and restore old settings)
  • HB_EvenDistribution (evenly distribute points of selected edges)
  • HB_Divider (change subdivisions of any parametric object or reset settings)
  • HB_Delete (6 different modes to delete objects or components)
  • HB_DefaultCamera (use the default editor camera and adjust settings)
  • 7 Clone Scripts (clone polygons along an axis and align without gaps)
  • HB_CleanView (toggle viewport filters to see only relevant items)
  • HB_CenterCut (make loop cuts in the centre of edges)
  • 4 Brush scripts (for changing Brush settings)
  • 8 Snapping scripts (easier setup of snapping settings)
  • HB_Namer (easily rename objects in the Viewport)
  • HB_Paste (pastes objects at mouse position and aligns to surface normal)
  • HB_PathSelection (sets up the Path selection tool)
  • HB_PhongSelection ( sets up Phong break selection)
  • HB_PipeIt (one click Sweep setup)
  • HB_Retopo (easily setup an object for retopology)
  • HB_Rotate (Rotate tool with extra settings)
  • HB_Rotator (rotate objects 90 degree or reset PSR)
  • HB_RoundEdge (smooths out edge selections)
  • HB_SnapToSpline (snap edge selections to a spline)
  • HB_Scale (Scale tool with extra settings)
  • HB_SelectionMaker (make polygon selections)
  • HB_SelectSame ( Select objects of the same type or same point count)
  • HB_SetPhong (set the phong angle of selected objects)
  • HB_SmoothEdge (a bezier deformer setup for polygon objects)
  • HB_Solo (isolates objects or polygons and frames the selection)
  • HB_SymmetryFix (centre points near the symmetry plane to fix symmetry holes)
  • HB_SymmetryMaker (deletes half and parents under a Symmetry object)
  • HB_ToggleMode (toggles modes between points/edges/Polygons and more)
  • HB_ToggleSoftselection (toggles soft selection)
  • HB_ToggleVisibility (toggles visibility of selected objects)
  • HB_TransformRepeat (repeats the last modelling command)
  • HB_MaterialOverwrite (Overwrite materials in the Viewport) New in v2.1
  • HB_SelectionToCircle (Arrange points in a Circle shape) New preserve shape option in v2.3
  • HB_Relax (Relax points and keep border) New preserve shape option in v2.3
  • HB_MakeQuads (Close Caps with Quads and fix bad topology) New in v2.2
  • HB_ClipSymmetry (setup a special symmetry-mode) New in v2.2
  • HB_ConvertSymmetry (convert Clip Symmetry back to polygons) New in v2.2
  • HB_ZoomCamera (Special Camera to focus on areas for rendering) New in v2.2
  • HB_Mirror New in v2.3
  • HB_Selector New in v2.3
  • HB_SolidBevel  New in v2.3
  • Realtime Utility shaders
  • Defaults for Objects and Tools
  • Template Modelling Scene
  • Bluenight Color Scheme
  • Dark Flat Color Scheme
  • Modo Color Scheme for C4D
  • Modo Viewport Material
  • Modelling Layout
  • Extensive Documentation with Videolinks