Everyday Material Collection

Hard working materials for hard-working designers.

$249 USD

Drag-and-Drop Ready

Unlike other material libraries or texture packs, the Everyday Material Collection includes fully assembled C4D materials. That means you don’t need to plug in the texture maps. You just drag, drop, and go.

Professionally Curated Categories

The Everyday Material Collection is what we like to call “all killer, no filler.” Every material was designed for the most common professional projects. You won’t find obscure materials you have no use for.

Easy to Modify

Want to make tweaks to any of these materials? You can! Have total control to edit the textures or shaders to dial in the exact look you want.

What is Everyday Material Collection?

Dive deep into the twelve categories, where you’ll find everything from grass to glass. Archviz artists will be thrilled to see a massive collection of wood, tile, concrete, marble, and brick.

Create high-end product renders with dozens of plastics, fabrics, leather, liquids, and even photo backdrops.

3D generalists will have everything they need for sci-fi atmospheres like corroded metals and dirt, or automotive concepts like car paints and pavement.

You’ll get variations of Asphalt, Brick, Bubble Wrap, Candy, Carbon Fiber, Car Paint, Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Dry Wall, and Fabrics like Bed Sheet and Cloth. There is Glass, Granite, Ground, Leather, and Marble.

You get thirteen types of Metal; Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Gun Metal, Iron, Nickel, Painted Metal, Platinum, Rusted Metal, Silver, and Stainless Steel.

Browse through, Paper, Photo Backdrops, and thirteen Plastics, including several colors as well as bumpy, resin, textured, and PVC.

Round out the collection with Road, Rock, Rotary Mat, Rubber, Sand, Sandstone, Styrofoam, Trippy, and 50 types of Wood. There you will find Caramel, Cork, Dark Oak, Maple, Painted, Pine, Plain Oak, Red Oak, Rich Oak, and Walnut.

Arnold and Redshift users can rely on the GSG Shader Ball to easily preview the materials in the Cinema 4D Content Browser. Octane users will feel at home using the Everyday Material Collection in their Live Database (LiveDB). The drag-and-drop functionality is limited to these three render engines, meaning that Standard/Physical are not supported.