360º Environment Maps Pro for Cinema 4D

115 Pro Environment Maps for Cinema 4D

$55 USD

Realistic Lighting & Reflections

Nothing beats an actual photograph for adding realistic lighting and reflections to your Cinema 4D scenes.

High Resolution

All environment maps are available in 2K, 4K, and 8K resolution for quality, high resolution renders.

Super Value

At around $2 per image this pack is much more cost effective than purchasing individual HDRIs.

Pack Includes

This massive bundle comes with 115 Pro Environment Maps for Cinema 4D and Cinema 4D Lite plus another 10 bonus maps.

  • Building Interiors Pack:  35 8K environment maps of indoor and building-related environments including lofts, restaurants, offices, museums, subway stations, lounges, tunnels, gyms, yoga studios, and more. Perfect for creating lighting and reflections that need to match indoor looks, with a wide variety of color palettes and looks.
  • Urban City Pack:  35 8K environment maps of outdoor and city-themed environments including city skylines, streets, parks, outdoor train stations, beaches, alleys, parking lots, and more. Perfect for creating lighting and reflections with an outdoor feel, with a wide variety of color palettes and looks.
  • Vegas City Pack:  35 8K environment maps shot in the colorful and vibrant city of Las Vegas. Highlighting Neon lights, desert sunsets, glowing casino floors, extravagant hotels, pools, lounges, the strip, vegas at night, and more.
  • Each pack comes with customizable .C4D project files including all  photos as materials, which can easily be applied to a sky object, or individual objects, to appear in object reflections. Each material can also be easily copied to your existing project files, creating unique reflections in seconds.
  • Starter Cinema 4D Lite & After Effects project files.
  • 10 bonus maps.
  • 8K, 4K, and 2K resolution files included.
  • HD example renders of each environment map.
  • Video instructions on how to install.