Scenic Tours Brand Relaunch

Sydney-based The Magnificent Itch produced this textural spot for Scenic tours.

“The Scenic Tours marketing department gave us a great script and premise; to create something that reflected the hand crafted nature of the brand. It was up to us to construct an animation that captured that feeling while launching the brand’s new design. Everyone in the team really excelled on this one, from the animators to the composer, I’m really proud of what they achieved.

Scenic Tours wanted to convey the idea that they craft their tours for each passenger, so we chose to use Photoshop for the 2D animation. We used Photoshop so that we could get the texture in brush strokes, which was was an important element to make it feel hand crafted. The animation timeline in photoshop is also great for this kind of thing. Additional elements were animated in After Effects, which was used for the comping”.


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