Save Me

This music video for the song Save Me by Irma was created by French design house SuperBien and is beautifully executed. I asked Alex Mestrot from SuperBien if he could give us some insight into how it was created:

“We worked closely with the directors Xavier Maingon & Marc-Antoine Hélard and Irma to create the graphic universe of the videoclip. First by creating the storyboards for each of the scenes such as the forest and city. Then we created a technical animatic in Cinema 4D with the camera movement simulation to anticipate the best point of view for each part. With this animatic we created the sequences and the transitions so it looks smooth and natural. We also used After Effects for some shots and effects, with all the final compositing done using After Effects. The actual shoot took one day and about 20-25 takes.”

  1. Michael Powers

    Hi John,
    Did Xavier or Marc-Antoine provide any information on the projection mapping setup? Primarily I am interested in the studio size and how many projectors the used. I was wondering how they got the throw distance to cover the wall and floor.


    • Manuel creignou

      Hello Michael,
      The setup included 7 projectors (1 for each left, right and back walls, 2 for the ground, 1 for the tear at the beginning and 1 for the light on Irma at the end). It was 12 and 20K projectors using wide projection lenses on the walls and long focals length on the singer.
      The studio was about 25m x 17m x 8m. We expected a higher set to get wider shots but we managed to get the best result with this one.
      Hope it’ll help

  2. cris is bliss

    Beautiful Song, Beautiful Visuals.

  3. Mogno

    Hi John,
    Did you use a motion control system for the camera?


    • Manuel Creignou

      There was no motion control system used during this shooting.
      We used a 10 meters long crane with 3 operators.

  4. Anant Rathi

    During Final Compositing in After Effects how did you give the output ? By a Split output method for different projectors.
    For E.g for Left wall the output was split from the main comp and for the right different …
    How come the video looks one output ?

    • Manuel Creignou

      Yes, the final render was done per screen/wall, one render for each projector (1 for each side wall, 2 for the ground and 2 for the effects on Irma at the end and at the beginning).
      But it looks one output because it was done by knowing approximately the position of the camera.

  5. Ankush Malik


    Just a few queries

    What was the dimension / size of the left, right, back wall and the floor?

    For top projection, 2 projectors are used to divide the visuals on such a large size or is it used to illuminate the floor and get high light intensity effect?

    • Manuel Creignou

      I’m not sure to remember well, but I’m almost sure it was a 20x20m floor with 8m walls.
      The 2 projectors for the floor were use to split the visuals and get the same power/surface projetion.

  6. Chintan Shah


    I have one small query regarding the floor projection. Was the projector placed exactly top-down / 90 degrees. If that was the case then how was the projection falling on Irma masked ? And how was the shadow that Irma would cast on the floor eliminated.

    Or was it placed at some other angle to project on the floor ?


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