Forget The Film, Watch The Titles

Forget The Film, Watch the Titles is a 2 DVD set published by Submarine Channel, available from the popular Watch The Titles section of their website.

Watch The Titles has been a source of inspiration for me over the years, featuring a growing list of movie and TV titles with breakdowns, as well as interviews with title designers.

The DVD is an extension of the site, including 38 contemporary title sequences and 9 short documentaries with leading title designers. Some of the titles and 3 of the interviews are available to view for free on the site with the rest of the content being added to the site over time.

The interviews are not only informative and inspiring but also beautifully shot and edited. I got more out of watching the 9 interviews then any live event I can remember, with the designers not merely presenting their reels but giving us an insight into their own creative processes. What I found really refreshing was just how different the interviewees were in their ideologies and approach.

The DVD is beautifully presented with a 36 page booklet including details of the sequences and designers, attached to the inside of the case. For $27.00US it’s a no-brainer to have it in your library. Highly recommended.

  1. James

    Interesting set of DVDs, but was chagrined to see the trailer use “DVD’s”, a possible, when they meant a plural. Design is about clear communication, and this was a failure.

    • Bobo

      I just bought the DVD’s and they were great. A failure comment by James is a bit harsh.

      Disc 2 was my favorite that contained all the interviews. I find that hearing about what the artist has to say about their designs just as interesting as the actual designs.

  2. Darren Evans

    Thanks, John. Looks like not only a great source of inspiration but more importantly techniques for getting inspiration. Can’t wait til mine arrives!

  3. James


    Just to be clear:

    I said that using a possessive when you mean to use a plural is a failure. You did the same thing. There is no apostrophe in DVDs.

    Punctuation is an important part of design.

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