Retopology in Cinema 4D

Toby Pitman demonstrates how to block out and use booleans to create a guide mesh for retopology in Cinema 4D.

  1. Woo

    Hi John thx for the great tutorial. I had one question about the shrink wrap:

    In point or edge mode and with my mesh selected I was unable to figure out how to manipulate the polygons with the shrink wrap enabled.

    When I de-select my mesh, BAM! My mesh shrink wraps to my target object.
    When I select my mesh to work on it, then the mesh unwraps.

    Try as i did, I couldn’t figure out how you were working with the polys with shrink wrap enabled, like in your video.

    Thanks again!

    • John Dickinson

      It depends which tool you are using, for example it doesn’t work with the slide tool.

      • Artur

        I have the same problem using a both tools.

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