Retopology in Cinema 4D

Toby Pitman demonstrates how to block out and use booleans to create a guide mesh for retopology in Cinema 4D.

  1. Woo

    Hi John thx for the great tutorial. I had one question about the shrink wrap:

    In point or edge mode and with my mesh selected I was unable to figure out how to manipulate the polygons with the shrink wrap enabled.

    When I de-select my mesh, BAM! My mesh shrink wraps to my target object.
    When I select my mesh to work on it, then the mesh unwraps.

    Try as i did, I couldn’t figure out how you were working with the polys with shrink wrap enabled, like in your video.

    Thanks again!

    • John Dickinson

      It depends which tool you are using, for example it doesn’t work with the slide tool.

      • Artur

        I have the same problem using a both tools.

  2. Sergiy Lysenko

    Mr. Pitman, I am trying to follow yours tutorial but I cant achieve same result as yours.
    My main problem is polygon pen. At the moment when press “poly pen” my mesh unwraps from target object.

    Tell me please what Im doing wrong?

    Much appreciate your help!

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