Quantum Of Solace

For this Quantum Of Solace promo I once again turned to Trapcode Form. Form was used to create the grids in the background, on the actors faces and the main title. The face grids were created by customizing the Making It Look Great 5 Form Face tutorial.

Quantum001 Quantum002 Quantum003 Quantum004

The smokey look of the background was created using Fractal Noise animated with the Perspective Offset setting active, which gives the noise more depth. The text look is a combination of effects including Gradient Wipe and CC Composite. The font (not the movie title font) is called “City Of”.

  1. illd

    The new Bond got his new and modern design, looks really great. Although I think your “Oldschool Bond” promo ist still unmatched . I know, I know, its not fair compairing the new and the old Bond…

  2. rev65

    Super sweet look there, JD. Nice to see one more great application of the ever handy Fractal Noise. Thanks for pointing out the Perspective Offset option. Also good to see your use and tweak of Face Form tut. Blessings!

  3. Dee

    Hi John,

    Nice really nice. I agree good use of the Face Form.

    Where is the font from?


  4. John Dickinson

    Dee I’m not sure where that font is from, it’s one we have here at Foxtel.

  5. Loay

    Wonderful John
    Keep it up.

  6. William

    John, I like that wipe motivated by the second “0” — !

  7. lucado

    John: I agree with William, about the wipe, and I ´d like to ask you about wipes and transitions from one scene to another. It ´s one of the things I always love in yor work like the ones in the Bond Classic Bond teaser.
    Is there any rule or “secret” to achieve this kind of results or is it just inspiration?
    For me is the more difficult part of my work. Sorry for my english.
    Thanks a lot.

  8. John Dickinson

    I generally try to make transitions as invisible as possible. I like to use them to move the viewer from one scene or graphic to another seamlessly. In this example I needed to introduce the logos and airing information somehow and it seemed logical to have the second 0 wipe it on. Most people wouldn’t even notice and that’s the point, the transition has become a seamless part of the greater animation.

  9. Viacheslav Sasykin

    IMHO, this work is perfect in every aspect and every detail. Awesome example of perfect motion graphic art.

  10. lucado

    John: your answer changed my point of view about transitions. I always thought that they may appear to the viewer, and draw the attention. That was the reason why it was so hard for me to achieve a good end result.
    From now it ´s so much easier. You don ´t know how you helped me, because this kind of advices are so hard to find.
    So no words to thank you.

  11. Peder Norrby

    Awesom JD! Nice to meet you at NAB

  12. John Dickinson

    Thanks Peder, and thanks for the amazing plug-ins.

  13. David

    Hi John,

    Any chance of posting that recipe for form?

  14. Adam

    This looks really cool..

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