Pro 7 Idents 2015

These stylish idents for German TV channel Pro7 were directed and designed by Timo Boese. Tim kindly gave me some insight into the production process:

“For each day, program-related items were combined to form a unique particle mashup representing the channel’s daily broadcast selection. The abstract particle shapes were then arranged to enhance the center frame layout of the 2015 channel redesign. Color palette, animation style and sound design further defines the 3 different genres.

I worked closely with Markus Goles, the Art Director from Pro7 Sat.1 to come up with a concept for 3 items in accordance with the redesign Markus had been working on for the last month. After having defined the concept, I started working on the elements and rough style frames using Cinema 4D. Before sending it all to Woodblock for final production in SoftImage XSI, the styleframes were adjusted several times until they looked 90% like the final output. We delivered the styleframes together with an animatic, some moods and the 3D scenes we created to make sure every particle was in the right place. Woodblock then took over and rebuilt the shaders ands lighting using Arnold.”


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