Preparing a model in Cinema 4D and Unwrapping in 3D Coat

In this extended tutorial I share my current workflow for preparing for and unwrapping UVs using 3D Coat. Topics covered include: Preparing a model in Cinema 4D for export to FBX format; unwrapping in 3D Coat; re-importing into Cinema 4D, subdividing, and importing into Substance Painter.

  1. Rich Nosworthy

    Great to see your process john, learned a few more tips here. One thing you might find helpful is the copy/paste uv commands. Useful for your latches where their the same object. UV one, paste the uvs to the other objects and then arrange on the UV grid. Haven’t used it in a while, need to get back on it! 🙂

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Rich, I knew that was available but haven’t gotten around to working out how to use it!

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