Refine Edge

Learn how to you can use Photoshop’s Refine Edge tool to take much of the hard work out of refining intricate selections.

  1. designiac

    wow, one more reason to buy CS5. This would pay off shortly. With dodge and burn this should have taken a while.
    I would like to see that feature on a multi-colored background.

  2. S Simpson

    I watch many tutorials on the net and I must say that this is one of the best done ones on this subject that I have seen. This is going to one of those links that I refer others to that struggle with this function. Great to the point tutorial and your explanation of the various sliders and check boxes goes above and beyond. I hope to see more of your tutorials on Photoshop.

  3. Adam

    Wow this feature is really fantastic. Thanks for sharing John!

  4. Ant

    I cannot change brush size/smooth with ctrl+alt, is it only Mac feature?

  5. Craig Wall

    John, as usual I enjoyed the tutorial.

    I will say, I wish you’d shown us how to take it the last few strides to the finish line. There was in this example still even as you finished up the tut, as you know, some unacceptable white halo, that wouldn’t work against a dark bg. It would be great if you’d given us some options on how to handle that.

    But again, many thanks!

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Craig, this isn’t a step-by-step tutorial, it’s a quick (free) introduction to a new tool I have just started using. Perhaps you might like to explore it further and post something we can all look at? Best wishes, John.

  6. Bryan Stone

    That is the best description of removing a background I have yet seen. Thanks.

  7. Colin Boyd

    A really neat tutorial, I love how you alter the brush size, I totally missed that prior to watching this. You’re a talented dude Mr Dickinson!

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