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This After Effects background is based on Trapcode Particular and CC Vector Blur. The particle is a spinning 3D solid with lights on the left and right sides. CC Vector Blur was applied to a duplicate of the Particular layer with a large Amount value giving the smearing effect.

  1. Dirk Dallas

    Looks awesome! Has that Final Cut Studio packaging look! Thanks!

  2. mandar bidkar

    Awesome bkgs, like 3D it has got that depth.
    Simply great!!!!

  3. Kurt Garehime


    Discovered your website by happenstance when I was screening a Digital Production BuZZ podcast, and you were their guest!
    I love your overall asthetic and this background-though so simply engineered”“radiates the kind of depth we all aspire to. My hearty congrats, and thanks for ‘spreading’ your talent around.

  4. Frank

    John! Awesome stuff, i might be using it on a broadway piece i am working on.

  5. Pablo

    Great job, John ! Very usefull for us. Thanks for your guides!!!

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