MovieType for Element 3D Launched

I’m excited to announce that MovieType for Element 3D is available for immediate download. MovieType For Element 3D makes movie blockbuster style type animation in After Effects easy. We’ve leveraged the realtime render engine of Element 3D and created a huge library of MovieType presets designed to supercharge the creative options for Element 3D users. Check out these samples from the materials, bevels and background galleries included and download. MovieType For Element 3D is $89.00 and includes MoBacks Motion Graphic Backgrounds free of charge, that’s a $39.00 product free!

Click here to learn more.

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mte3dmaterials2mte3dmaterials1 mte3dbevels1 mte3dbevels2 mte3dbkgs1 mte3dbkgs2
  1. Sean

    Can’t wait for this! I’ve been using the original MovieType forever. So looking forward to this for E3D!

  2. Gene

    WAY Cool!! Can’t wait!

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