Motion Design 101

Mograph Mentor founder Michael Jones has announced Motion Design 101 – a new course designed to teach foundation motion design skills. Michael kindly gave us some insight into the course and why he created it.

Why create this?

I created this course, mostly, as a pre-cursor to MoGraph Mentor. We were seeing many students come in, lacking some foundational context, about design, animation and process. Although MoGraph Mentor addresses these topics, I thought it was best to create a low cost option to let people test the waters and do it on their own time with this E-Course before diving full into MoGraph Mentor.

I like the way that an E-Course can act as a digital textbook to give people a well rounded view of the discipline, before engaging with a mentor in our full 9 month program. So really, this was about helping ​MoGraph Mentor by preparing students better.

What’s different about this course?

I think what makes this a bit different is the focus on historical context and classic theory. Many e-courses will focus on, After Effects 101, or Cinema 4d Basics, so I wanted to create that base level​ instruction​ for the core theory ​of these​ disciplines.

As we say in MoGraph Mentor, “Motion Design is the combination of three distinct disciplines, Design, Animation & Film-making.” So this E-Course tries to lay a foundation of understanding for these things.

How did you produce this course?

I spent about 10 months from start to finish on this project. It started with just writing the curriculum and scripts for the live videos. I recorded a majority of the content in Bend, Oregon at a friends studio, and did most of the tutorial style videos at my home office in Atlanta, GA.

I’d say I invested about $18K into producing the course, which includes building the new site. The new website is important because it has a built in Learning Management System which, hopefully, makes the experience of consuming it easy and engaging. My biggest concern is not boring the hell out of people with all this lecture content, so building an engaging framework for the content was important to me.

What do you hope people will get out of this?

My hope is that people will leave this with a new understanding of Motion Design. A broader understanding that has strong historical context for how these disciplines evolved and how they mesh together. Also I hope that “process” gets totally demystified. I hope people can see the steps they need to take to create their concepts, and aren’t overwhelmed by the prospect of creating work for clients.

Other than that, I hope some gaps get filled in for people who already have a strong base. It will provide different things to different people depending on where their skill set is. Bottom line, I hope it provides value to people.

Why offer it for free for the first 30 days?

I’m a big fan of the, “soft launch”. Building MoGraph Mentor has taught me so much about being responsive to user feedback. So I wanted to have a few hundred people come in immediately, and make sure this course is really on point before offering it for sale.

After the 30 day soft launch, it will be priced at $99, which really will just give me some of my initial investment back on it. If I​ lose money or​ break even on it, it’s okay because the larger hope is that it helps me develop individuals who are ready for MoGraph Mentor.

Do you plan to produce any more E-Courses in the future?

I do. I’ve got the outlines for Freelance 101 written, so now it’s matter of producing it. I’m really passionate about business development and I want to share this passion with other people interested in running their own businesses as freelancers. I’ve learned so much about client development, project proposals and tax structure, that I’m eager to share that. If I can find the time to produce that content, I’ll hopefully have something to offer people in the next 6 months.

MOD 101 : Course Preview from Michael Jones on Vimeo.

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