Grungy Mechanical Look

Learn how to take a layered Photoshop file and breath life into it in After Effects, for a grungy mechanical look with loads of depth. Specifically we look at preparing Photoshop files  in Photoshop, how to import the photoshop file into After Effects, animating by creating expressed relationships between layers, positioning layers in 3D, simple camera, lighting and depth of field techniques. 

Note: Adding 100 at the end of the expression isn’t actually necessary when working with Rotation (or any property that can have a negative range). I usually use it to reverse Opacity (which won’t return a negative value so needs the +100). Adding 100 to Rotation simply added another 100 degrees to the returned value which had the result of “flipping” the linked cog. You could simply use *-1 or simply add a minus (-) at the front of the expression, such as:  -thisComp.layer(“My Layer”).transform.rotation. Thanks to Harry Frank for the help here.


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