Creating Magic From Presets

In this two-part tutorial learn how to take basic Adobe After Effects presets and customise them to create your own unique looks. Part one focusses on giving a simple text preset a touch-of-class, with a clear explanation of Text Animator Groups, Animator Properties and Range Selectors. Turning a simple typewriter look into something special.

Part two focusses on further enhancing the text animation, customising a background preset and adding finishing touches including a bloom and displacement.






  1. Rob

    Wow, actually one of the best AE tutorials I’ve seen in a while. Such simple and powerful tools. I’ve seen hundreds of AE tutorials all over the web, and yet this is the first time I’ve seen the text animation tools broken down in this way. This will greatly improve my work.

  2. Alex Massey

    Hi John,
    Nice work. its great to know that you can still do whole comps with no files, and get a result that is worthy of broadcast in this generation of eye candy television. I think it really helps to be good at art then you can make objects such as smoke from solids, masks and presets, but myself I cannot draw for toffee, so I have to either copy objects ( copy the interaction with light and such that is, not the object itself!) or import an acual file, such as smoke from AB. Thats where all the experience in motion graphics comes in to play i’m sure. What do you think?
    Anyways thanks for uploading.
    Best, Alex

  3. Snake Plissken

    Amazing, so simple and however so powerful !
    A really great piece of understanding for me.

    By the way, I took a closer look to BOD episodes.
    And let me tell you : I’m your sampaï (actually I should say dohaï …).

    So once again thanx for all the huge and understandable shared knowledge.

  4. John Dickinson

    Thanks Orlando. to save a text preset, twirl down the layer and select “Text” then choose Animation > Save Animation Preset. Best wishes, John.

  5. kunal gupta

    Mr john dickinson i had ever seen such a work it impresses me a lot.
    I want some tutorials like this pls & help me out in making jumper effect in after effect without doing masking can u help me pls………………..

  6. Lu

    John, this is such a cool, “meat-filled” tutorial…infused with A LOT of LOVE for motion graphics. Can’t say enough good about these gems…and can’t wait to practice them in order to really learn them.

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