Leave Color

Learn how to use the After Effects Leave Color effect to create the look where you footage is made black and white, leaving only a single color, made popular by the film Pleasantville.

  1. Mr T.

    Hey great tip.

    I know it possible in Final Cut.
    Have you an idea how?


  2. JD

    FCP has no such effect natively. You can try this though: Duplicate the layer, remove color from lower layer, on top layer apply chroma key and choose the color your want to keep, then invert the selection.

  3. Jonathan Clegg

    Hi John,

    This is a great tip, little things like this are really appreciated. Its great to learn some new things whilst waiting on renders.

    Elijah’s music is also very pleasant on the ears he is a great composer for your dynamic visuals. You two make a great team.

  4. Ian

    That is really cool, I am going to try that on some of my video advertisements.. Great Tip, will be back soon!


  5. VFX Anomaly

    Nice TIP JD, Funny you posted it, as I was just watching Grant Swansons “Creating The Sin City Effects” over at Creative Cow
    last week, here is the link (if you don’t mind JD)

    His tutorial takes a longer rout than your GREAT TIP, but you get the job done either way.

    Thanks JD

  6. Yasir Gem


  7. keith freeman

    can’t watch the video

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Keith, I just tested the connection and it seems to be fine at my end. Best wishes, John.

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