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This project is another good example of taking poor quality 4:3 vision, making it 16:9 and giving it some polish. The tools included Adobe After Effects, Zaxwerks ProAnimator, Trapcode Horizon and Shine, and Maltaannon’s Screenify effect (featured in Making It Look Great 5). The vision was treated with ย the Screenify effect, which adds a realistic jumbotron-style and disguises the poor quality of the footage. This was then applied as a layer map to the ProAnimator wall (created from a simple Illustrator rectangle). Notice how the movie is split up into separate monitors which make up one big wall of video, this was done using the Grid effect and Bevel Alpha. The Bevel Alpha effect adds a subtle highlight to the edge of each grid block, giving a more realistic look.

The K1 logo and the video wall are reflected in the floor but this is a fake, since ProAnimator 4 doesn’t support reflections. To create this look in ProAnimator requires duplicating and flipping the object you want to “reflect”ย. First I set up the look using one ProAnimator, then duplicated the ProAnimator layer leaving the wall and logo in one and the reflections in the other. Having the reflections as a separate layer allowed me to drop the Opacity of just the reflections.

None of this would have been an issue had I used Cinema 4D

The logo uses the footage comp as a reflection map. Notice how the bevels are also reflecting the map, which looks cool but a problem is that the right hand side of the logo is also displaying the reflection, that’s because the reflection map is applied to the object and there is no way to control where the reflection will appear. This wouldn’t happen in a real scene as because the bevels on the right side of the letters are facing away from the screen. This won’t be an issue when ProAnimator eventually supports true reflections.

None of this would have been an issue had I used Cinema 4D and the only reason I didn’t use Cinema 4D for this project was time. This was a 2 day job and had a feeling I would spend too long experimenting in Cinema 4 to make the deadline.

Three After Effects lights illuminate the scene and the After Effects camera (controlled with a null object) does a simple dolly in to the wall. The sky (a large stock image) moves believably with the camera thanks to Trapcode Horizon.

The music is only a rough placeholder and obviously doesn’t start early enough.ย Check out the intro to the promo below and grab the modified project file to see how it was put together. Nothing earth shattering but video walls are still a great way to make bad footage good again.

  1. Loay

    It looks great.
    but you can’t make this scene @ C4D only….or you can…..?:):):)
    Good job John….& Thanks for posting

  2. Yasir Gem

    Gr8 gift From an Experts leader ..
    Sorry my English so bad …
    Thanks alot JD

  3. illd

    Hi JD,
    not bad at all ๐Ÿ™‚ But 2 things I am wondering:
    – Aint it possible between C4D and AE to exchange scenes and cameras ? So you could have done the Text and his reflections in C4D.
    – wouldnt it be possible to fake the Horizonreflections the same way you did the jumbotronreflections?

  4. John Dickinson

    This would have looked better all round had I used C4D that’s for sure, but it’s a good example of what’s possible in ProAnimator if you don’t have a separate 3D application. I’ve almost completed the “Heroes” graphics, done using C4D and AE, with some really sweet results. As far as the sky reflection goes, take a look at the large image and you’ll see I did actually do a sky reflection.

  5. Lou Borella

    Are you hinting that ProAnimator WILL at some point be supporting reflections? Have you tried Zax’s Reflector plugin yet.

  6. John Dickinson

    Version 5 of ProAnimator will hopefully include a bunch of great new features. I have Reflector at home but not at the office so couldn’t use it on this job.

  7. James Wicks

    Hi John,
    Would you have achieved the same great final result if you had not used Horizon?
    How much of a difference did Horizon make to the final result?


  8. kris

    Very nice JD, I really like your work since you made that Making Look great 1

  9. John Dickinson

    Hey Jim, Horizon makes it quick and easy to get the background to move as part of the 3D scene, it also wraps the image around a sphere rather than leaving a simple flat image, which looks more realistic.

  10. Josh Johnson

    Beautiful work John!

  11. Lubos Buracinsky

    Hi John, great time efficiency considering it’s a two days job. I’m only curious ,how were the light rays coming out of the wall made, using Shine? I have never used it but I ‘m suggesting that also gave you the highlights on the 3d title from the video too, right? That looks good. thanks.

  12. John Dickinson

    Yes the light rays were created using Shine, but no Shine was used on the 3D title.

  13. Lubos Buracinsky

    I know but I thought the reflections (in colours of the video) on the 3d title…

  14. John Dickinson

    The highlights on the 3D title are a reflection map applied to the material. The reflection map is the same video footage comp that is used on the front of the wall.

  15. Osiel

    John this is my first comment ever in ur site mate! I really admire your work , i have a tremendous respect for your work , i have been inspired by you and i’m proud of what i have accomplished so far even there is a long way to go . I have learnt a lot and i will keep learning. Thank you so much for your help and support to the whole MG community. Wishing you and your family the best on the upcoming new year!! God Bless mate!!

    P.S.: Amazing Tut!!

  16. turkey

    oo my god

  17. Andy

    Wow thank you so much for all your work. Can way for MLG6.
    I been trying to take apart the comp and i get must of all it. What I don’t understand is that I can’t change the 2008 text in to some other text? in ProAnimator

  18. John Dickinson

    Andy, the 2008 text was created using an Illustrator layer.

  19. Andres F

    Got it thanks sweet wall dude I love it.

  20. Reggie Mabry

    I don’t have shine or horizon effects, but I do have proanimator.
    Can I have a version without these effects – so I can tinker.
    or what do I delete. Thanks. Not an After Effects expert – so I
    need a little more guidance. Thanks.

  21. John Dickinson

    Reggie the project will still work without Shine or Horizon, just open it up. You’ll get a message telling you they are missing but ProAnimator will work just fine.

  22. Hector

    Hi, John Dickinson, great job. I launch the projectin after, but the sky dont’t have a reflect… why? TKS

  23. mike

    i don’t have Shine, Horizon and ProAnimator. Where can i get plugins?

  24. Jonathan Clegg

    red giant has demos for all of these plugins.

  25. JQB

    Hey, when i try to save scene i have monit that is invalid key. ;/

  26. John Dickinson

    JQB do you have licensed versions of all the plug-ins used in the promo?

  27. Thijs

    Dear JD,
    First of all: great promo
    I tried to open the project file with AE CS4 on Windows, but I only get a white screen. I have put my own footage in the composition but I don’t see anything. What do I do wrong? I have all the plugins, except the one from making it look great.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Thijs, you need Zaxwerks ProAnimator to use this project.

  28. James Wicks

    I recently revisited this tutorial, and upon further exploring I noticed how you created the monitor wall in AI.
    Couldn’t you have created the same type of wall effect in ProAnimator?
    Why did you go the Illustrator route?

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Jim, this could have been done using a primitive I guess. The Illustrator technique was something I learned before Invigorator had Primitives. Best, JD.

  29. Stunt

    great, but better if you done without ProAnimator because is not popular !

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Stunt, How would you have done it? Regards, John.

  30. Benjamin Eshagpoor

    I love the Shine effext you put on the screen. I think it really adds to the reality of the scene you’ve created!

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Benjamin, good old Shine heh! Wouldn’t be without it. Best, John.

  31. shimo

    Hello John

    great work

    can promo with this quality done using only AE or i must use 3d program with it?

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Shimo, it was all done in AE but I did use third-party plug-ins. You definitely need some 3D such as ProAnimator…

  32. Pablosoccer

    This project is jus AMAZING, but i’ve got a question, how can i edit , or remove the “KI Worldmax 2008”?

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Pablosoccer, It’s an Illustrator layer placed inside ProAnimator. You simply replace it in ProAnimator… do you know how to use ProAnimator? Best wishes, John.

  33. Marcos

    I love this project, its awsome ๐Ÿ˜€

    Can you tell me the background music please? I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Stevie

    Hi, very cool project. Thanks.
    If I try to replace the 2008 from within ProAnimator with my own AI-File, the layer losts its coordinates. So I never get it work correctly, especially with the corresponding duplicated reflection-layer, if I replace twice and modify corordinates by hand. What is the trick? Should I replace only once and then duplicate the ProAnimator layer? And how to flip the relfection layer correctly? Is it done in ProAnimator or in AE?

    • John Dickinson

      You’ll need to tweak the position of the text depending on the shape of your ai path. The reflection is created in ProAnimator.

  35. Stevie

    Thank you for reply John,
    …hm is there a way to view the xyz-coordinates of the “2008-ai-layer” in ProAnimator? My Problem is to have exact, corresponding positions in normal projection and reflection. I created a 2011-ai-file, but have no Idea which dimensions you used, because the ai-file is not included.

    • John Dickinson

      Hey Stevie,
      It was a while ago but I remember pretty much doing this by eye. The new ProAnimator v5 how has null objects so it will be much easier to rotate objects….

  36. Adam

    Hi John, great job!!! really i like your works!
    I just started to use AE so i’ve got a question here, how can i replace 2008?
    i tried it but i can`t ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. twaambo

    Hey may you pliz do a tutorial for this.

  38. zafar

    man u r awesome

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