Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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This look for a Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit promo was created using After Effects CC with MovieType For Element 3D, Optical Flares, Magic Bullet Mojo, BCC Film Glow and BCC Grunge.


The typeface is AkzidenzGroteskBQ MdCndAlt, which was converted to paths in Illustrator and customised to give the C more character. The paths were then copied and pasted to an After Effects Solid layer to be used as the source for Element 3D.


The animation is based on MovieType for Element 3D Wipe 01 with added keyframes for Element’s Word Position Z parameter providing the gentle push in.

jackryan03 jackryan04

The material is MovieType For Element 3D Material 31, modified by turning on the 31 Color E and 31 Spec (Specular) materials.


The background is MovieType For Element 3D Background 30 with the material switched to be the same as the back bevel of the type object.


The default environment was switched from Default to Lobby Blurred and at this stage there was no other lighting in the scene.


The MovieType For Element 3D Light Rig provides an overall, slightly yellow illumination.


A second Point light was placed above the type, which helps the bevels pop and adds more depth.


Element 3D Add Lighting was set to Stylize. This adds a touch of blue variation which is picked up nicely in the bottom left and top right of the background.


Element 3D Glow at a low setting adds some subtle glow to the text.

jackryan11 jackryan12

Optical Flares Anthrax preset from the VideoCopilot Conspiracy pack was used for the lens flare.


Offsetting the rotation of the flare created some interesting, angled light streaks.


The Optical Flares layer was duplicated, with the XY Position adjusted to reposition the extra streaks. The Brightness was keyframed to start out brighter then have the flare fade out towards the end of the move.


Rampant Design Studio Dust was used to add subtle, realistic dust. Studio Dust includes many subtle dust clips that comes pre-keyed. Although I use a variety of effects to create dust, there’s something about real dust that can’t be emulated with an effect.


Once again Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Mojo was used for the overall colour grade, working perfectly to give this a filmic look. The warm tones of the environment and light are complimented nicely by the cool, dark tones of Mojo.


Boris Continuum Complete Film Glow provides the soft, overall glow.


The look was completed using Boris Continuum Complete Grunge for some subtle Chromatic Abberation and Grain.

If you own MovieType For Element 3D click the download link to grab the bevel preset (JR.ebf) used for the title. Remember to copy it across to the VideoCopilot folder inside your Documents folder, then choose it from the Bevels list inside Element 3D.


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